Kaizen -- A treasure of Japanese Industries(3) - 経営戦略・事業ビジョン - 専門家プロファイル

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専門家の皆様へ 専門家プロファイルでは、さまざまなジャンルの専門家を募集しています。

Kaizen -- A treasure of Japanese Industries(3)

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  1. 法人・ビジネス
  2. 経営コンサルティング
  3. 経営戦略・事業ビジョン
カイゼン (Kaizen --- Writen in English)
Explanation on Kaizen continues. This is obviously a Japanese treasure.

Another well-known example of an international Japanese word like Kaizen is Umami, More than a hundred yeas ago, Dr. K. Ideda, a Japanese scientist, discovered a new taste of Umami which came from sodium glutamate extracted from kelp of sea.

Up to that period, the words for taste had been confined to the following four (4) --- ‘salty’, ‘sweet’, ‘sourer’, and ‘bitter’. Dr. Ikeda discovered the fifth taste --- Umami.

In Japanese, we say or even shout ‘Umai’ when we eat delicious dishes. And ‘Mi’ means taste. So, Dr. Ideka created the word of Umami, combining Umai and Mi. He reported Umami in his paper in English. This fact caused Umami to be an international word.