Kaizen -- A treasure of Japanese Industries(4) - 経営戦略・事業ビジョン - 専門家プロファイル

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Kaizen -- A treasure of Japanese Industries(4)

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  1. 法人・ビジネス
  2. 経営コンサルティング
  3. 経営戦略・事業ビジョン
カイゼン (Kaizen --- Writen in English)
Explanation on Kaizen continues. This is really a Japanese treasure. And so much for examples of internationally well-known Japanese words like Kaizen.

Now back to Kaizen itself, This word literally means that you make something better. And this word began being used in manufacturing factories of Japan. This was Kaizen.

I understand that Kaizen was inaugurated in automobile assembly lines in Japan. And then, the Kaizen has been spread all over Japan. Kaizen has increased production efficiencies, not only automobile but also other industries than automobile.

Why Kaizen was successful in Japan? The answer to this question will be shown in the next column.