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Japanese food is an ideal diet treatment.

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You don’t need a strict regimen of diet to control your weight. Cook and eat Japanese food.


To lose weight or maintain a healthy weight, we need a strong will to commit to change. A diet could give you a short-time weight loss, but to attain long-term weight loss is a different story. We need a strong, committed mindset to make permanent changes in the way we eat.


Actually we don’t have to. Why?


You can almost brush off the “ strong and committed mindset”, when you adopt the Japanese way of cooking and eating into your daily life. Japanese food does not have as a high caloric count as Western food, and you don’t need a big portion to feel full. We can almost think of Japanese food as an ideal diet treatment judging from the way it uses glucose in a perfect amount and at a critical timing.


You can lose or maintain weight while enjoying delicious Japanese food at home.

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