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Eat delicious Japanese food and lose weight.

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To lose weight and maintain an ideal weight, “You need a program that satisfies hunger and has good food so it doesn’t feel like a diet.” (TIME magazine) 


A Japanese food diet is a perfect program in that sense. 


It satisfies hunger efficiently. Japanese cooking utilizes a small amount of glucose to provide with a comfortable level of satiety. You don’t need much, but you still feel full. Hunger diminishes willpower, and a diet will fail otherwise. 


Japanese food is yummy. Its traditional way of cooking has tons of secrets to extract Umami from each ingredient. Japanese food gives your taste buds a blissful moment of joy. I’m not talking about so-called fake “Japanese food” you often see at a food court, such as over-cooked noodles in over-sweetened sauces. Try real Japanese food, and your taste buds will be happy.


Try Japanese food diet. It’s an easy diet. You just cook real Japanese food with whatcha got at your home. Then eat until you feel full. A Japanese diet doesn’t feel like a diet.

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メール相談 Critical Thinking を使った英語のReading



英語のReading 能力を高める効果的な方法。 それは、Critical Thinking を使い、分析しながら読めるよう訓練することです。

アメリカやカナダの大学では、高校までの教育で完成しているはずのCritical Thinking能力が必須ですが、大学により、その能力を確かめるために、Reading with Critical Thinking という教授法を使うことがあります。

その実践されているReading with Critical Thinking を体験して下さい。

Critical Thinking を使った英語のReading


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