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Japanese food lets you forget about calories.

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Science shows that a diet focusing on calories doesn’t work.


“The ‘calorie in, calorie out’ approach fails, because it disregards how food affects our hormones and metabolism. Pay attention to food quality.”



The Japanese diet is full of quality food: quality protein from a small amount of meat and fish, protein from soybeans which mimic the function of estrogen, and a large serving of fibrous vegetables which help your digestive system.


As the Japanese diet does not contain a large amount of fat, the total caloric intake should be much smaller than a typical Western diet full of cheese and butter. The 4:4:9 rule to calculate total caloric count shows a big benefit of Japanese food: (4 x grams of carbohydrate) + (4 x grams of protein) + (9 x grams of fat) = total calories.


You can eat Japanese food and virtually forget about the calories.



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Edmonton, Canada 在住。カナダ高校留学の裏側を発信、迷っている日本人留学生支援を行っています。また、日本の子供向けクリティカルシンキング指導オンラインスクール開講中。

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冬のカナダから Hi Students!(2018/12/11 09:12)

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アメリカやカナダの大学では、高校までの教育で完成しているはずのCritical Thinking能力が必須ですが、大学により、その能力を確かめるために、Reading with Critical Thinking という教授法を使うことがあります。

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