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More good news

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More good news  受講生からの問い合わせ


Time Com.でMore good news という表現に出くわしたが、前段に比較するnewsがないので違和感があったとのこと。いきなり文頭なのでbetterが来るべきではないかとの質問です。いい質問なので共有したく思い、紹介するものです


good newsがさらにあるという表現です


Oil Spill: Cementing the End

Posted by Bryan Walsh Thursday, August 5, 2010 at 2:45 pm

More good news on the oil spill front: around 9 A.M. today, BP began pouring cement into the well in the final phase of its static kill procedure. BP had earlier pumped 2,300 barrels of heavy drilling mud into the well—enough to equalize pressure in the reservoir and achieve a static situation, preventing any additional oil from leaking out. But the cement could finally seal the well off tightly, all but eliminating the chance of any new leaks. "It will virtually assure us there's no chance of oil leaking into the environment," retired coast Guard Admiral Thad W. Allen told reporters this afternoon. 108 days since the spill began, the end really is at hand.

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