Kaizen -- Combination of Kaizen with ISO9001(6) - 経営戦略・事業ビジョン - 専門家プロファイル

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専門家の皆様へ 専門家プロファイルでは、さまざまなジャンルの専門家を募集しています。

Kaizen -- Combination of Kaizen with ISO9001(6)

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  1. 法人・ビジネス
  2. 経営コンサルティング
  3. 経営戦略・事業ビジョン
カイゼン (Kaizen --- Writen in English)
Let me continue the disclosure of my idea which aims at increasing the level of Kaizen

As you know, the ISO management system consists of a management cycle of Plan, Do, Check, Act.

If we combine the ISO and the Kaizen into one, we will get the strongest management tool. This is the summery of my idea.

I wrote a book of ‘Every Body-participated ISO Management System’ published by Japan Standard Association in September 2001.

In this book I showed good examples of ‘Everybody Participation’ of Nippon Synthetic Industry Co. Ltd., and Nihon Micro-coating Co. Ltd. I supported the both company as ISO consultant starting from February of 1998.