Kaizen -- Combination of Kaizen with ISO9001(4) - 経営戦略・事業ビジョン - 専門家プロファイル

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専門家の皆様へ 専門家プロファイルでは、さまざまなジャンルの専門家を募集しています。

Kaizen -- Combination of Kaizen with ISO9001(4)

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  1. 法人・ビジネス
  2. 経営コンサルティング
  3. 経営戦略・事業ビジョン
カイゼン (Kaizen --- Writen in English)
Let me continue the disclosure of my idea to increase the level of Kaizen.

As I showed in the previous column, many professor of engineering came over from Scotland to Japan in the beginning of Meiji Era.

What we learned from Scotland was the then-latest technology of manufacturing. As you know, Glasgow is located in Scotland where Industrial Revolution took place. Therefore, Glasgow University was the center of technology of the Revolution.

Incidentally, my grand-father, Sakuro Tanabe leaned civil engineering at the Institute of Engineering, Tokei --- formally of the Faculty of Engineering of Tokyo University. Based on what he learned there, he planned a big project of Biwa Lake Canal --- Biwako Sosui in Japanese --- and worked as project manager successfully completing it in 1890.

Successful completion of Biwa Lake Canal is said to be Japan’s Independence Declaration in the field of civil engineering to the rest of the world.

Sakuro respected Professor Dr. Henry Dyer. He looked up at Dyer’s picture at the wall of his study room of his residence of Kyoto, where I was brought up.

So much for the first reason that I like UK.