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Want to Write a Good Essay? Become a Volunteer

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To pass English class in North America, you have to write essays. To write good essays, you need to understand human behavior. A common essay theme is: why do people act like they do? You can’t learn this in the classroom. You need experience with people.

North American students get experience through part-time jobs and volunteer work. Here they learn to interact with adults and navigate the demands of society. What do you do when a customer is angry? How do you get along with coworkers? Faced with such problems, students learn about themselves and others. They get valuable life experience. They also get great material for essays. 

For many international students, work experience is just not possible. Fortunately, they can volunteer. Students can volunteer for school events, at animal rescue shelters, at senior centers and much more. My students in Canada have done so, and have learned a lot about what motivates people. 

Joining a school team or club can also expose international students to important human interactions. International students often complain that it is difficult make friends with local students. Joining a club helps them make friends more easily. It can open a whole new world of experiences, as well. 

In sum, to get good ideas for essays, you can’t just sit and study in your room. You need to actively pursue experiences.


If you are interested in learning how to write an essay in English, give me a shout!



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