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白尾 由喜子
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Big John Math (日本の子供のための英語教材)誕生秘話

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英語学習方法 Big John Math Series

私(大澤眞知子)のパートナーであるRobert McMillan 

Mathematics Major の強みと、日本での教育経験、そして類希な好奇心・創造力・遊び心を生かして作った教材。


Big John Math 

「なぜ Robert はBig John Math を作ったか!?」

Textbooks are boring.


In public schools, Japanese students face questions like: “How many apples does Taro have?” and they see a wholesome Taro, smiling, bright red apples in his hands.


I tried using these textbooks in my classes and bored everyone. I don’t believe Taro’s mother even cares how many apples Taro has.


They could stick an apple under Taro’s armpit, balance four or five on his head and better engage the students, but textbooks strive to be inoffensive.


They are made for the masses, and as a result, are completely neutered of joy.


So, I started making my own stories, something like this:


“Taro finds three apples on his head. He eats one and throws another at a big, angry dog. How many apples does he have now?”


The question revolves around a story, and the answer requires some “detective” work.


Students must process the story and answer in a complete sentence, which helps reinforce reading, thinking and writing in English.


I've been writing questions like this and testing them on our students here in Ehime, Shikoku, for over ten years.


In that time, we've found that junior high kids prefer their stories spicy, and visceral.


Elementary kids fall all over anything scatological (figuratively).


And their parents are all for it if their kids enjoy learning.


So we have incorporated these elements into Big John Math.


It’s a shame that textbooks are not more entertaining, but we are not waiting for them to change.


Contact us if you’re interested in a more stimulating learning environment for your own students or children!


英語を理解出来る脳を育てる教材 Big John Math

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メール相談 自宅で子供に英語を教える方法 -Big John Math を使って

[えいごの宿題] Big John Mathを使うと - 自宅が世界レベルの英語教室に


大澤眞知子がカナダの数学専門家と共同開発した教材Big John Mathの使い方指南。 
お父さんお母さんが英語の先生。 発達心理学注目の新しい教育法で、自宅が世界レベルの英語教室に。  

自宅で子供に英語を教える方法 -Big John Math を使って


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