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Sweet November in Tokyo!

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I LOVE Tokyo at this time of year

(The Gingko Avenue @ Jingugaien)

Tokyo turns very pretty and photogenic

(Near the National Diet Building (left). Right by the Hibiya Moat (right).)

Once I leave home to run errands around town, I just can't stop driving!
A whole palette of colors comes out to play in this metropolis in November.

Oops! I got lost... Where am I ???

But ran into a beautiful sunset :-D

(Somewhere In Kachidoki.)

It's getting dark. I'd better get going.

Wow!! The moon emerged from nowhere!! It's almost full. Good surprise :)

And more surprise on the way home

(Tokyo Tower (left). Roppongi Hills Keyakizaka-dori Avenue (right).)

Why not come and enjoy this beautiful season here in Tokyo

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